I'm 30-something geek and music lover from Finland. Quite easy-going and sociable, although I like to spend most of my time in the peace & quiet of Finnish countryside.

I mainly live in Kokkola Kälviä, located in the west coast of Finland, but I also spend a lot of time in the capital city Helsinki - due to work, friends and live music. Due to work I also travel a lot in Tampere & Oulu and sometimes internationally.

I could summarize myself as a visual techie/geek: I have a background in graphic design & UX, but I've been rather at home with computers all my life which resulted in a career in web development: Starting from frontend development, to being fullstack developer and finally to working with cloud infrastructure. Nowadays I happily work as a Lead Technologist at Alma Media, focusing on cloud-native development - especially with AWS.

If you're a fellow cloud/serverless/tech/etc enthusiast, feel free to connect with me in LinkedIn and to follow me on Twitter.

Ari on front of lighthouse in his home town
Here's me, in summer of 2020, in front of a lighthouse on “Tankar”-island in my home town. Btw, Lighthouse score 100+100+100+100 on mobile for those frontend developers reading this 😎
My remote workspace
My remote workspace featuring 16" Apple Macbook Pro and couple of 27" Thunderbolt displays.
Ari on front of meeting room named “Lambda”
Photo taken in front of a meeting room aptly named “Lambda” during my visit to AWS in Seattle, USA.
To quote my favourite Jamiroquai song: “This corner of the earth is like me in many ways”. Photo taken from a lake where I swim often.
PC computer
I mostly work with macOS & GNU/Linux based systems, but I do still have one Windows PC for mostly gaming (and for sometimes testing websites with the awful Internet Explorer).
Photo from a train with a laptop on a table
I'm quite used to traveling by train within Finland. Been doing it since I was a kid and nowadays I travel a lot because of work.
Ari speaking to audience
Speaking at AWS Community Day Nordics 2020 at Stockholm, Sweden.