Bringing a great developer experience into DevOps and infrastructure as code with AWS Cloud Development Kit.

CDK is a framework for defining cloud infrastructure for AWS using familiar programming languages (such as TypeScript, Python or Java) and built-in abstractions. You can also develop your own abstractions or use open sourced ones. This talk will first introduce what CDK is about and then look into how it can help if working with multiple projects, multiple environments (including dynamic feature environments), multiple AWS accounts and in multiple programming languages. It will also show how to bring in good software development best practises like reusable components, versioned dependencies, unit & snapshot testing into infrastructure as code. It will also showcase how a developer can benefit from working in infrastructure code with a good editor support and tooling. Also it will showcase how CDK makes working with AWS IAM access control much easier, even for a developer who doesn’t necessarily deeply understand how IAM policies and roles work. Will contain live demos! This talk is heavily based on my experience of running serverless architectures with CDK in production for a year at Alma Media – a large media company in Finland.